Smile more for less

Revamp your smile for less with Verity Smiles aligners – No braces, no retainers, no invasive treatments, and no change to your lifestyle. Immediate results you can preview before your commit.

Smile Check - One Arch£200
Smile Check - Both Arches£220
Aligner - One Arch£1500
Aligners - Both Arches£1800

How Verity Smiles aligners work

Step 1 – Smile Check

Meet with your Verity Smiles dentist

Your Verity Smiles dentist will use the Medit Intraoral scanner to quickly and easily create a 3D digital scan of your teeth so that they can map out your custom treatment plan and give you a preview of your new smile!

Step 2 – Revamp your smile

Now begins the journey to your new smile with your Verity Smiles aligners! Your Verity Smiles dentist will check the fit of your aligners and answer any questions that you may have about the process.

  • Wear your aligners
    When you pick up your first set of aligners, your Verity Smiles dentist will examine your smile to ensure a strong beginning to the process.
  • See us regularly
    Every 6-8 weeks you will see your Verity Smiles dentist to check your progress and get your next set of aligners to continue the process.*
  • Business as usual
    You can continue to eat and care for your teeth as normal, as your Verity Smiles aligners are easy to remove. They are also impeccably clear, making them barely visible to those around you!

* With some cases this may be more frequent

Step 3 – Keep your smile

Congratulations, you’ve revamped your smile with Verity Smiles! Now preserve it by wearing the provided retainer, and keep the straighter smile you love!

Free home whitening treatment is also provided after completing your Verity Smiles treatment.

Are Verity Smiles aligners right for you?

Fill out our assessment form and our colleagues at Oracle Dental will get in touch to let you know if Verity Smiles aligners can help you with your smile.

Alternatively, contact them directly

01743 466

Your Safety

Is the treatment right and safe for you?

Without seeing you in person, the dentist might not have all the information they need about your oral health. Direct interaction with the dentist is important for valid consent. To give valid, informed consent you need to have been given all the information about what the treatment involves.

Who is treating you?

Knowing the name of the person who is treating you is very important as the dentist who prescribes your aligners or braces is responsible for all your treatment.

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