New Smile, New You

Improve your smile in a single appointment with no drilling, no pain and no damage to your enamel. Immediate results you can preview before you commit.

We apply a strong, thin, overlay to the surface of your tooth to enhance your smile in a matter of minutes. This means you can see how your new smile will look before you go ahead and commit to treatment.

Should you decide to go ahead, the thin overlay is permanently bonded to the surface of your tooth and polished. The procedure does not damage your enamel and can be reversed.

For the smile you’ve always wanted – in just one short visit we can:

Eliminate gaps between teeth
Fixed broken/chipped teeth
Correct crooked teeth
Change teeth that are out of proportion
Repair worn down teeth
Improve sensitive teeth
Eliminate discoloured teeth

The Verity Smiles Process

Our process is non-invasive, requires no drilling or injections and will never damage your enamel.
The whole process takes about 30 minutes per tooth so great results can be achieved within a single visit.

The Smile Preview

We use a unique material which is used to create a strong, stain resistant and very thin layer, moulded directly on the surface of your tooth. This layer is then cured to create a shell which can be bonded to your tooth if you are happy with your Smile Preview

Find a Verity Smiles Dentist

To find out more or book an appointment please contact your nearest Verity Smiles participating dentist.

Oracle Shrewsbury Tel: 01743 466 796
Oracle Stafford Tel: 01785 246 881
Argo Shrewsbury Tel: 01743 362 501
Argo Telford Tel: 01952 200 710